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Life outside swimming

Daniel has a twin brother Nathan, older sister Beth and older brother Ben (who runs Fins Training.) They also have a pet tortoise called Flash.

During their Primary school years they performed in some of the local amateur drama productions through MADS in Lurgan, and also in CITV's Dani's Castle, starring Dani Harmer.

The also performed in Game of Thrones in the famous "Red Wedding Scene" with their sister Beth who played one of Walder Frey's daughters.

Whilst at the Grammar School both Daniel and Nathan performed in The Frankenstein Chronicles starring Sean Bean.  This was one of their favourite parts as Daniel had to pretend he had been electrocuted, and Nathan had to wear a full prosthetic arm and lie in a coffin which was dug up from the ground.  The is the advantage of being an identical twin as they both paled the same person in the episode.

In January 2019, Daniel and Nathan participated in the School Aid Romania project, where they had to do lots of fund raising including multiple bun sales.  They travelled out to Romania with their cases filled with clothing and other items to hand out to the orphanages, old people’s homes and asylums they visited.  They were also go shopping every day to buy fresh produce for the vulnerable in the schools using the money they had raised.   There were concerns about swimming training as the trials were only 4 weeks away, but the school managed to arrange early morning session at the local pool.  Daniel and Nathan thought it felt like altitude training as it was so high up in the local ski resort.

Over the last 6 years Daniel and Nathan have been fortunate enough to visit a number of different places as their Dad, Jonathan, was working in India.  They even managed to get some training sessions with the local team in Hyderabad, using the stadium built for the South Asian Games.

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